Managing Sequence of Risk Returns


Michael W. Crook, CAIA
Chief Investment Officer

Executive Summary

  • Sequence of Returns Risk: Defined as the vulnerability of investment portfolios to extended periods of poor performance coupled with distributions, leading to an inability to sustain planned withdrawals.
  • Alleviating Sequence Risk: Strategies include investment planning to quantify risks, diversification to mitigate drawdowns, and maintaining spending flexibility to adjust distributions during challenging periods.
  • Importance of Planning: A financial planning process helps investors understand goals, quantify risks, and preplan responses to mitigate the impact of sequence risk, akin to a fire drill in emergency preparedness.
  • Diversification and Spending Flexibility: Emphasizes the importance of diversification, especially over multigenerational horizons, and advocates for maintaining the ability to adjust spending temporarily to mitigate the two-in-a-row problem associated with sequence risk.

In his latest white paper, Chief Investment Officer Michael Crook explores the sequence of returns risk, which is a “two in a row” problem in investing. It refers to the vulnerability of investment portfolios to extended periods of poor performance. In simple terms, a sequence of returns risk happens when sustained poor investment returns, coupled with distributions from the portfolio, result in a situation where the portfolio can no longer support planned distributions. Download the white paper below to read more.

Read the white paper here.

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