Q3 2024 Outlook: Election Insights ’24


Michael W. Crook, CAIA
Chief Investment Officer
Andrew Murray
Managing Director, Private Equity
Michael LoCasale, CFA, CAIA
Vice President
Rachel A. Hassett
Manager of Corporate Communications & Marketing
Daniel Bradley, CAIA
Manager of Private Investments
Nora Pickens, CAIA
Principal, Investments
Samuel O. McFall, CFA, CAIA
Managing Director, Institutional Investments

We are pleased to share our Q3 2024 Outlook: Election Insights ’24.

In our lead article, Chief Investment Officer Michael Crook discusses our analysis of the upcoming US presidential election (page 1). Next, we include a summary of our tactical views (page 4) and a market review of the fourth quarter (page 5). Then, we offer an inflation primer (page 6), a mid-year financial planning checklist (page 7), and a private equity spotlight (page 8).

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